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The Artist

I'm Michael Mattei, owner of MATTEI GLASS. I'm a nationally known leaded/beveled glass artist and for over 55 years I've been dedicated to the design and fabrication of unmatched art glass windows for applications ranging from panels to glass walls to ceilings and domes. My art glass, combining in studio, hand rolled opalescent glass, unique and exceptional conceptualization and design, and extraordinary bevel work, transcend the work of contemporary studios for clients seeking the finest in traditional leaded/beveled glass.

The work of my studio harkens back to the traditions of Lafarge, Kimberly & Duffner and Tiffany, an era when American glass studios were creating the finest art glass in the world. While I occasionally use painting in my work, I prefer the variety of colors and textures in my hand cast and hand rolled opalescent glass to create my unique style of art glass. A frequently used technique I employ is the layering of glass in a panel to create depth and change tonal qualities across a background without the intrusion of surface lead lines. By carefully selecting each piece of glass and meticulously inspecting the tonal transition on a light table, I can color phase all aspects of a panel. So much of the beauty of my work begins with the sheet glass itself.

Here is an example of the depth and movement that can be added to a panel with the proper application of plating glass. The sky in the background is a single layer of glass-I've infused various shades of confetti into Ubororus production glass and cut it to give the illusion(with the additional layers) of more foliage in the background.

Here is the same portion of the panel with additional layers of glass behind the top layer of selected sky glass-I've been able to add the appearance of more foliage and branches under the fig tree along with giving the sky much more fire and depth.

Also unique to each composition is the unrivaled use of cut/bevel work that I incorporate into every window. Having the capability to cast my own glass for bevel work allows me to incorporate hues used in the subject of the panel.

It's a multi step process to incorporate these selected hues to accent the bevel work-here is an example where an assortment of 5 different blue tints have been added to the cast clear for the bevel work to pick up some of the blue colorations in the wisteria and borders.

My design and fabrication techniques, sometimes requiring several 1,000 hours for a single panel, have been all but given up on in today's mass produced, high speed world. My panels are individually designed and fabricated, and never duplicated, according to the desire of each client. My work is classic and timeless and will provide countless hours of enjoyment in the present and the years ahead.

Start to finish, I pay attention to the smallest detail. From conceptualization, design and coloration to correct backlighting for interior applications, all are important to achieve a successful commission. For a consultation or to learn about my commission process, please refer to my contact page.

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