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Commission Procedure

To begin, I need my client to provide an idea of what they are trying to achieve and their budget. With a photo, or some other reference, I work up a small scale study for 10% of the anticipated budget. There can be as many revisions by the client of this small scale design as is necessary.


Once the small scale study is approved, a full scale cartoon is drawn up and sent to the client for approval. To begin fabrication, I require 50% of the balance. Fabrication begins with the selection or custom rolling of the primary colors and the coordination of the coloring of the bevel work. All color samples are sent to the client for approval keeping in mind that it is impossible to predetermine the look exactly of the completed panel because of the almost limitless variations in the sheets of glass and in my selection of glass.
Commisioned Stained Glass

Once the layout is completed, that is all of the glass has been cut and all of the bevel work is finished, I typically send an image of this to my client. To begin the leading process, I require 25% of the balance. Once the window is leaded and framed, I will photograph it and send this to my client. To crate, insure and ship, I require the balance of the contract.

While I can summarize the procedure in just a few paragraphs, my clients realize that this process can take 1,000s of hours. Sometimes there can be several pours of glass to get the color I think best or after cutting many pieces of glass out, I might decide I’m not achieving what I am striving for. In short, if I am pleased, my clients are too. The wait can seem long, but you will have a work of art that will provide you timeless enjoyment.

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