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Scarlet Makaw Leaded Glass Window

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine/Clematis-setting out to put my design to glass, I wanted the brilliance I see in a flowering trumpet vine and the color variation I see when I look at the clematis trellis in my yard. I felt I couldn't get that with the muted look of a pure opalescent glass so I choose to make the colors as variegated clear colors. I have double and triple plated the blossoms with light opals for additional depth. On the left side of the panel, to give the impression of the dense foliage and branches interspaced with flowers, I have fired into the surface of the top layer of glass, various small pieces of glass for shading-some pieces have been fired 8 or 9 times. The background glass on the right side, reflecting the look of less foliage and more open area has some surface coloration but far less then the opposite side.

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