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Most of the glass was rolled in studio.
All of the pieces of glass as the
marble were painted & fired.
The sail boat has an M on the sail!

Beveled Glass Window 4

Angelo's Garden

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My Uncle Angelo, a stone cutter whose shop was in South Philly, had some land in western Pennsylvania and built a beautiful stone patio off the back of his home with stone balustrades, vases & railings. It overlooked a small lake that he enjoyed watching sunsets.

It was a sight I never forgot.

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The back showing the
double & triple plating

Reflected light-frame is cherry with
a black walnut surround and
black walnut inserts-nice huh?
The sky was killer glass too

Kiln fired flower clusters.

Tulip field at the water’s edge

Beautiful in studio rolled confetti glass.
Color match for the lake glass.

All the balusters, railings and urns are
stained & fired

Close up bevel coloring

Full sunlight shows the depth of
the triple plating
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